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Slim Belt



    Trim your Love Handles and Support your Core Whilst Working Out with the Slim Belt Waist Trimmer

    Wrapping a thermal waist trimmer around your mid-section while working out helps you sweat-off extra inches. As you exercise it will pull sweat from your mid-section & increase weightloss, while straightening your back & supporting a healthy posture.

    Whether you’re lifting weights, or doing a cardio workout this waist wrap will support your core muscles. The Slim Belt retains body heat, lets sweat through and improves blood circulation.

    Made with soft, flexible knit-covered neoprene this comfortable and easy to use slim belt wraps around your lower back muscles whilst compressing them and effectively warms them up prior to and during your workout.

    • Waist trimmer and back support
    • Traps body heat while letting sweat evaporate
    • Helps to increase circulation