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Running exercise is one of the widely used workouts all over the world. Ordinary people or athletes use this routine to make their bodies fit. When mentioning running exercise equipment, a treadmill cannot be taken off the list, and the benefits it can give to cardiovascular fitness cannot be overlooked. Not just any treadmill, but an electric treadmill makes its name popular due to the result it produced. Now, there is no question that an electric treadmill is one of the most sought-after fitness equipment to add to your home gym. Have Best Treadmills Australia guide you in selecting the right electric treadmill brand and model that would suit your fitness needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What Kind of Treadmill is Suitable for Me?
One of the first questions people ask when buying a treadmill is if they should buy a manual or an electric treadmill for their running exercises.

The primary difference between the two is how the belt moves. A manual or a non-electric treadmill works by the movement of your feet touching the deck to move the belt. On the other hand, an electric treadmill has a motor to drive the belt in motion, and you have its assistance when you walk or run.

The manual treadmill tends to be cheaper since it doesn’t use a motor. It also takes up less space and is easier to move. Manual treadmills burn calories, but since the movement of your feet becomes slower and gets easily worn-out, sustaining a longer workout time may be a problem. Although you control your speed, if you are not that careful, there is also a chance for injuries and accidents concerning your joints. Moreover, manual treadmills are not the preferred treadmill type of professional athletes who are training during the off-season months. Suffice to say, manual treadmills are indicated for basic running and jogging exercises to complete your cardio workout. 

The electric treadmill, because it has a motor to make it work, has the durability and strong framework that you need for stability when working out.  Because it is more likely to be heavy-duty, this type tends to last longer and more stable compared to a manual treadmill. Electric treadmills have several additional features and programs. You can monitor your heart rate even without handling the handlebar, which makes your hands free and effortless to run. The belt moves at a set pace that motivates you to keep up pushing, resulting in more calories burned. You can also adjust the speed and incline while still on the machine, which makes it more convenient and saves the strain on your joints. Lastly, it has a great feature and more options such as gadget or device compatibility, wireless connectivity, several built-in exercise programs, and so on. Working out on the electric treadmill helps your exercises look and feel entertaining and satisfyingly productive as you achieve a better body.

Both treadmills are used as dependable and results-driven pieces of fitness equipment. However, only electric treadmills can put you in good physical shape and help you explore numerous workout experiences that can allow yourself to have a healthier you.

What are the benefits of having an electric treadmill at home?
It is convenient and safe. Purchasing fitness equipment at home removes various excuses from people to avoid exercising for the day. With a treadmill, we can run no matter what the weather is, and we don’t have to worry about dangers such as transmissible diseases, strangers, or slipping on the road outdoors.

It is effective. An electric treadmill can make an ideal running program. It has health benefits similar to running or jogging outside while not having a variety of stumbling blocks such as the weather or rough road that can make running exercise hazardous. It can be used for running, walking, or jogging. Also, you can have complete control over your speed and incline on motor treadmills. Getting a motor or electric treadmill as your fitness equipment at home can encourage you to do running exercises anytime you want that helps you to make maximum use of your time. 

It is for everyone. Having it at home will give the whole family the availability to exercise for the day which can help them to improve their endurance, enhance and monitor their heart rate, and keep their body fit and healthy. A healthy family results in a happy home.

It is versatile. There are even instances that you can have a custom-built desktop while choosing your own pace to do your routine. It requires a small amount of time to adapt to exercise your feet and legs while working at home, but in no time, you will able to do it all. Nevertheless, you can do several exercises on an electric treadmill which perfectly replicates outdoor running. The primary purpose of the motor treadmill is to get your body moving, which pushes yourself to walk, to jog, or to run at the speed you set to avoid common exercise mistakes. An electric treadmill at home can make your routine entertaining while listening to music, watching TV or movies, and reading a book or a magasine.

What are the factors that I should consider when buying an electric treadmill?
Getting a motorised treadmill is an excellent investment for exercising when you don’t have time to go outside for a walk or to stop by a gym. The following factors considered when buying an electric treadmill.


  1. Belt Size. An electric treadmill will be used for walking, jogging, or running. Therefore, the machine must function smoothly. Consider the space of your fitness space if it is ideal for your running space using an electric treadmill. The average belt size should at least be 48 inches long and 18 inches wide. The belt size for taller people who are over 6 feet height is ideally 54 inches for easy walking or running exercise.
  2. Cushioning. You should purchase a treadmill machine that goes up to 10 mph or higher when you are planning to run regularly. The motor describes the quality of the workout. Thus, be aware of the specifications before having one. Also, it would be best if you keep in mind that the running bed should not rattle and can absorb shock with every footstrike.
  3. Stability. The electric treadmill should be secured and stable. The steadiness of the treadmill must not shift or shake during the routine because it can give a high possibility of harming the user. Its frame must be sturdy while exercising so that the run is smooth and easy.
  4. Weight. This factor is also important. The larger you are, the sturdier and well-made must be the treadmill to support your weight. Check the specifications of the electric treadmill regarding its weight capacity to make sure that it is safe for you or anyone in the family to use.
  5. Other Features. See to it that the control panel is well within reach and easy to use while exercising. Aside from that, be familiar with additional features such as adjustable speed and incline to add difficulty to a workout, a heart rate monitor, or a facility for an MP3 player.
  6. Space and Size. An electric treadmill will surely take up a lot of space. Evaluating the space at home before purchasing one is highly recommended. Even the folding treadmills are occupying a spacious area, too. Electric treadmills are heavy and burdensome to move. You need to determine the size and space in your home or gym to choose the right size of the treadmill. Plus, be sure that a motor treadmill is near to the power outlet.
  7. Warranty / Delivery / Set-up. Do not forget to check the warranty on your purchase safety. It is desirable to have a lifetime warranty on the motor and frame, but mostly, an electric treadmill comes with a warranty of 5 years and the parts and labour happen to have a warranty for two years. Please enquire about the cost of delivery before or upon buying the machine for it is usually not included. Assembling the parts will also require help thus be sure the same included in the service. Furthermore, make sure to get a product service and readily available parts. Best Treadmills Australia got all these covered.
  8. Budget. Lastly, once you consider the above specifications, you need to consider how much you are willing to pay for the equipment. It is important to get the highest quality of an electric treadmill at a reasonable rate, without any overcharge on service or delivery fees. Electric treadmills vary in price since they have different features to offer. Consider knowing the quality of your chosen treadmill, and make your decision from there. Let Best Treadmills Australia guide you in choosing the best brand and model of electric treadmill for you and your home gym.


Best Treadmills Australia always reminds its customers to check first the equipment carefully and get some advice from the expert. An electric treadmill is one of the popular equipment that brings out an effective workout system. Take heed of these points and be smart enough to buy equipment for a better and healthier body.